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  • Home & Dry solutions: damp Damp

    It's all about water, steam, condensation, biblical floods; whatever way the water is causing damp in your home we aim to put a stop to it

  • Home & Dry solutions: damp Condensation

    Often overlooked but condensation can be a crucial factor in preventing damp. Have a read on the wheres and whys of condensation and what to do.

  • Home & Dry solutions: damp Dry Rot

    The wood has got wet, dry rot fungus has landed and it is destroying the wood in your home. Action is needed along with a short lesson in mycology.

  • Home & Dry solutions: damp` Wet Rot

    Although not as bad as dry rot it is a symptom of structural failure. If you think you might be suffering read this and see if it helps.

  • Home & Dry solutions: damp Fungus

    Fungus within the home shows a fundamental problem and more often than not it is associated with damp, poor ventilation and structural problems. This should give you a heads-up on what is growing on the walls and carpet and remedies that you can take.

  • Home & Dry solutions: damp Timber Decay

    Timber is vital part of all homes as it makes up the flooring, roof supports not to mention furniture. As there are many ways to use timber there are many wasy it can fail and this section will show you how.

  • Home & Dry solutions: damp Prevention

    A little knowledge goes a long way and we like to share our knowledge to you so you can understand what is going on before having someone round. This guide should give you a head start before making contact.

  • Home & Dry solutions: damp Treatment

    We have the know how and the necessary time, equipment and skill to treat the damp problem at hand using all the latest materials and tools.

  • Home & Dry solutions: damp Survey

    Know thy enemy. A full survey would be needed to assess the problem before any work can be carried out. Free inspection is the first step to solving the damp problem.

  • Home & Dry solutions: damp Services

    Plasterers, carpenters and electricians are just a few skilled professionals you may need in treating damp and getting the finish you'll want.

Damp Proof Layer
damp course

The damp proof course or layer is one of the most important barriers in protecting your building from damp. This layer can be absent or breached in a variety of ways and our prevention section could help you understand where the water is getting in.

Damp Treatments
timber damage

When damp penetrates timber the damage and the cost can be hard to swallow. With that in mind have a look at our section on timber damage which could help you prevent this expensive section of damp.